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One of Us is in Trouble

People often think that once God has taken you through some victories and developed you into a strong person of God, there are “NO IMPERFECTIONS.”

I want to talk to you about side effects – as you well know, they can be scarier than the medicine!
An antibiotic will stop the growth of foreign bacteria harmful to man. But it also may cause… “Irritation, headaches, stroke, heart burn, bed wetting, IBS, blindness, discoloration, diarrhea, sexual dysfunction, hair loss, loss of appetite…”

The people of God are the same way to the world. We are potent, powerful, and bring life to those around us. But you have them, I have them – we all have them… SIDE EFFECTS!!!! Yes, you are kind and walk in love most of the time. But don’t let me cut you off in traffic..

You are called by God, used by God, chosen by God… WITH SIDE EFFECTS!

We all have two sides to us, where we live between two identities. You are Simon AND Peter; Superman AND Clark Kent; divinity AND humanity; flesh AND spirit...

Paul illustrates this in Romans 7:15: “For what I want to do, I do not do, but what I hate, I do.” Paul understood that even though he deeply loved God, and his lifestyle was right, he still had struggles with sin, weaknesses and failures.
We have a PERFECT GOD who died and rose again for a SINFUL PEOPLE. Simon Peter the Apostle’s very name testifies of our affliction carried in this suit of flesh. “Simon” means flesh and flaky. “Peter” means rock and solid. We are all Simon AND Peter, at the same time.

Simon Peter would cut your ear off and curse you out! He confused a spiritual battle with a carnal one. He had a problem with anger. But he loved the Lord! He repented of his cursing and became a great leader for Christ. He wrote was the scribe of part of the New Testament, giving to us the message of God by the Holy Spirit. But never forget that he was human, too!

Let’s talk about Thomas. He would not believe the others’ account that Jesus had risen again until he could see and touch Him for Himself! Thomas is his Hebrew name, but Didymus is his Greek name. Both names mean the same thing…TWIN. “Twin who is called Twin.”
There are TWO parts to each of us – the doubter and the believer. One of us is in trouble!
The flaky and the solid. You can not have a new beginning without cutting some things of the flesh off. The carnal doubter in you and me HAS to go.


One of us shouts all over the church… But one of us sits in silent frustration and aggravation. One of us loves our family, but one of us lusts after another woman. One of us wants to serve God, but the other one wants to go live in rebellion. One of us has to go!

Have you ever hidden the twin?? Would the saints be shocked if they met your “twin”? One is smiling; one is suicidal. One is friendly; one is selfish.

You can die right in the house of God if there is no discernment. Everyone keeps ministering to the other one, but that’s not who needs help and healing. Until ministry reaches your twin, he goes undetected.

Thomas is not doubting. We have done him wrong all these years, attacking his faith. HE IS DISCOURAGED…He had gotten tired. He fainted in his heart, thinking, “I can’t go through this again. Jesus lives, dies, He lives again? I need to see Him for myself.” Thomas’ heart was too fragile to go through it all again! He needed Jesus to come to him right where he was, and Jesus came to get the twin.
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