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Audit Your Weaknesses

You need to know your weaknesses.  You can be assured that the enemy knows them, and that's where he will attack you first and most often! If you know your weaknesses, however, you can guard and protect those areas of your life even as you operate out of your strengths.

Mentally and spiritually, I am pretty tough. As a result, I can be like a spiritual locomotive heading down the track - focused, determined, and operating full-steam-ahead.

Physically, I am not as strong. The signals to me that I'm becoming weary or pressured tend to occur first in my physical body. My physical strength, therefore, is the area of my life that I must guard and protect.

In 1995, I traveled the world preaching the gospel. I went around the globe three times in just a few months and laid hands on more than a million people that year. The result? I found myself in an emergency room several times, so physically exhausted and dehydrated that I needed to be hooked up to intravenous fluids to restore m…

The Fruit of Your Mouth: Escaping a Self-Imposed Curse

Besides blood, words are one of the main vehicles of blessing or cursing.  The words of our mouth give expression to what we think, feel and want. Our words reveal what our hearts contain. Our words are ultimately a result of who we believe we are.“Either make the tree good, and his fruit good;
or else make the tree corrupt, and his fruit corrupt: for the tree is known by his fruit.
O generation of vipers, how can ye, being evil, speak good things?
for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh.”
MATT. 12:33-34

“Abundance”…What does Jesus mean by “abundance?”  He means “the surplus.” It is the build up and overflow of whatever is in abundance in your heart.
WHAT IS IN YOU, WILL EVENTUALLY COME OUT!  Whatever comes out of your mouth, is what is in your heart in abundance. This shows where God can work on us and where we may have generational curses in operation. God’s revelation is never a condemnation…He wants us to confront what He identifies in our life!

On the positive si…

The Cure for Fear

Fear is “kryptonite” to the believer. As born-again believers, peace should be our normal condition, but not everyone enjoys peace as part of their daily lives. Fear and anxiety cause many problems for a believer, two of the major ones being that fear and anxiety clutter your spirit; and can kill your dream, thus derailing your destiny.

Living in turmoil, worry, anxiety, fear and frustration is abnormal for a believer. So, what does the Bible say about fear? Is there any fear that could be considered “healthy?” Let’s examine what God’s Word says.
The Bible speaks very candidly about fear and anxiety. There are two types of fear in the Bible:The fear of the Lord.The spirit of fear. The “fear of the Lord” is actually healthy, and encouraged.  It does not necessarily mean to be “afraid” of God. Rather, it is a reverential awe of God; a respect for His power and glory. In the same way that we would respect our parents, we would respect and reverence God. The fear of the Lord is also prop…

The 7 Principles of Marriage

No man is complete by himself. Every man needs companionship.   To meet this need, God ordained marriage and provided Adam with a wife. Marriage is the closest form of companionship possible between two people. In fact so close, that the two actually become one.

From the beginning, the Bible reveals 7 principles about marriage, all of which still apply today:

God Himself initiated marriage at the beginning of human history. Adam had no part in planning it. Without divine revelation, man cannot understand it, much less make it a part of his experience.The decision that man was to marry proceeded from God, not from the man.God knew the kind of helper that the man needed. The man did not.God prepared the woman for the man.God presented the woman to the man. The man did not have to go in search for her.God ordained the nature of their life together. It’s end purpose was unity.Jesus upheld God’s original plan of marriage as binding on all who would become his disciples. It is still…

Favor Is Your Transporter

Favor is necessary for you to complete your God ordained destiny. It is the transporter from your current season to your future destiny. But, what is favor?"And he went down with them, and came to Nazareth, and was subject unto them: but his mother kept all these sayings in her heart. And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and man." Luke 2:51-52 Jesus increased in wisdom, stature and favor as He matured. As you and I mature in Christ, so we also mature. Favor is not just an experience. It is the divine current that takes you from your present season to your future destiny. Favor is undeserved access. It will put you at the right place, to meet the right person at the right time. We need favor to get to our destiny.
How do we lay hold of favor? First, let’s examine what God says favor is. Favor has multiple meanings in Greek and Hebrew, it means to:
Delight inSatisfy a debtBend or stoop in kindnessGrantHave mercy GraciousnessLiberalityFriendly regar…

3 Things To Do When Anxiety Hits Your Heart

Truth is life shaping in three ways: It shapes our mind, our emotions, and our will. All three form what the Bible calls our heart
We cannot skip one faculty of ourselves and jump to the next. In other words, our mind and emotions aren’t separated from each other, just as our will and mind, emotions and will can be separated from each other.

When we “feel” (emotion) something it’s because our mind has registered to us that something is wrong. When we “act” (will) on something, we don’t leave our mind and feelings at the door, running blindly into a situation we are not aware of (mind) or moved to do (emotion). Therefore when God calls us into His kingdom of light out of the kingdom of darkness, He calls our whole being into submission. God desires to change the heart, the whole man.

If you were to try and change just your behavior, you would fall into legalism. If you were to try and change just your mind, you would fall into cold intellectualism. And if you were to try and change ju…

Overcome Your Fears

Peace should be our normal condition, but not everyone enjoys His peace as part of their daily lives. Living in turmoil, worry, anxiety, fear and frustration is not normal for a believer.
Never allow Satan to take your peace!  We must use the spiritual weapons available to us to make war against our mortal enemy. One thing important to remember when working through the stronghold of fear is to admit your fears.  The simplest yet often most difficult step to overcoming our fears, whatever their nature or severity, is first admitting them. We sometimes think we are less spiritual for letting God or others know about our fears. That concern is not a biblical one, for many of the greatest men and women of the Scriptures were gripped by various sorts of fears and did not hide them from God.

When God called Moses in the wilderness to lead the Israelites out of Egypt, Moses made one excuse after another due to his many fears. (Exodus 4) Many of the Psalms were penned by the trembling hand of …

One of Us is in Trouble

People often think that once God has taken you through some victories and developed you into a strong person of God, there are “NO IMPERFECTIONS.”

I want to talk to you about side effects – as you well know, they can be scarier than the medicine! An antibiotic will stop the growth of foreign bacteria harmful to man. But it also may cause… “Irritation, headaches, stroke, heart burn, bed wetting, IBS, blindness, discoloration, diarrhea, sexual dysfunction, hair loss, loss of appetite…”

The people of God are the same way to the world. We are potent, powerful, and bring life to those around us. But you have them, I have them – we all have them… SIDE EFFECTS!!!! Yes, you are kind and walk in love most of the time. But don’t let me cut you off in traffic..

You are called by God, used by God, chosen by God… WITH SIDE EFFECTS!

We all have two sides to us, where we live between two identities. You are Simon AND Peter; Superman AND Clark Kent; divinity AND humanity; flesh AND spirit...

Paul illus…